Scambaiting Pop Up Goes Viral!

Scambaiting Pop Up Goes Viral!
 HitmanAlex    12 Jan 2018 : 07:40

When you create scambait popup!

Look's like the Team at Deeveeaar struck gold over the week.

Our developers at Deeveeaar had created a fake harmless pop up which will later down the line be coded so that we can manipulate the numbers and lure the scammers in for the bait. However after discussing with the Deeveeaar team i was amazed to be told that the fake popup which was placed on a free domain holder was being founded by not only the typical crawler bots but LewisTech himself! 

I reacted to say where's the link and headed to Youtube to see for my own eyes. LewisTech quoted around the lines of "a new popup erra". The design which the developers used was to somewhat justify a fake anti virus alert/windows alert. Using the tools such as snipping and some image manipulation this was easily accomplished. 

The interesting thing is that 9 times out of 10 the typical popups created by the scammers are terrible and extremely outdated then when we come to creating our own we do better! We have already highlighted this to LewisTech and the public regarding the webpage and the functions of what it was for. So if you hit the page then please don't be concerned. It's harmless and only performs 3 functions, one being shown the error two being played an audio clip on loop and three set the browser to full screen. If anything this pop up was the least most annoying as it was only meant for baiting and we didn't want to have to click no 60 times to close it *cough cough* task manager. 

The domain we used was extremely obvious and was hoping the comments would be something like "obviously a fake" or "that domain name tells you something" however i don't believe i have seen such comments. The domain has been removed and we have moved the contents to a less obvious domain.

If you are interesting in viewing the on going work with popups to bait scammers feel free to access them at where we will continue to add more and more baitable content.

Thank you for being a valued viewer, member, streamer and taking your time in visiting this page!

Happy baiting!

Deeveeaar Team