Even in the most developed nations atleast 10% of the total population have been a victim of an internet crime! Local law enforcements who maintain order in the streets are simply not capable of dealing with these astronomical numbers of crime on the internet. Also internet crimes usually are being commited from another country or continent where your law enforcement has no juristiction.

At deeveeaar we combat scammers 24/7 worldwide! We are now launching a brand new portal to report internet crime! We will take them down no matter where they are and no matter how organized they are! We use the latest hacking tools & technologies used by cyber criminals to give them a taste of their own medicine. We have taken away millions of revenue each year simply by flooding mallicious callcenters or by exposing individuals who are running multi-million dollar scams.

Are you a victim of an internet crime? please report them to us! reporting is completely anonymous!"

Company: Deeveeaar

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